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There is much that is outside of our control as parents. 

But our children’s optimal development and future well-being are not.

The realities of our world today make ensuring their well-being more precarious and complex than it has ever been.  And doing so won't likely come naturally.  We will need to intentionally develop the skills and approaches necessary to help our children thrive in the world in which they are growing up.  A world vastly different from the one in which we did.

Grounded in common sense and supported by compelling research, 
our solution is a two component approach based on three simple truths.

Two Component Approach

  1. Support parents with coaching and results-oriented programs that are doable in their beyond-busy lives. Programs that help them develop the skills needed to support their children's optimal development in today's challenging world.

  2. Build awareness of the direct link between our day-to-day interactions with our children and their wellbeing, their individual futures, and our collective futures.

Three Simple Truths

  1. Today’s children are the adults of tomorrow.

  2. Parents are the greatest single factor influencing the adults these children will become.

  3. Effective parenting skills are indispensable to the lives of individual children, their futures, and our collective future.

Parents can make sure their children learn the basics of the skill of happiness. You don't have to leave your child's happiness - now, later, or ever - merely to chance. We can't control everything, of course, but we can control a lot. 

              - Edward M. Hallowell, MD, author of The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness

 Vision and Mission

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Prior generations of Americans have mobilized to accomplish great things

 including eradicating polio and securing women’s right to vote.

It’s time for this change. It's our turn to take action.

Parent Effectively . Change Everything

Deborah J. Coppins, Founder, PCC 

Phone: 774-217-9439  

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