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There is tremendous research in many fields of study, ranging from neuroscience to economics, that points to how critical it is that we put more thought, effort, and care into the development and education of today's children, for their individual futures, and our collective future.


Our Starting Point's solution is supported by this compelling research, and also grounded in the common sense framework of the three simple truths illustrated in the below diagram.  

Truth #1 - Today's children will become the adults of tomorrow.

Truth #2 - Parents are the greatest single factor impacting the adults those children will become.

Truth #3 - The parenting skills of today's parents are indispensable to the lives of their individual children, their children's futures, and our collective futures. 

A much greater effort must be  made to help all parents understand the truly life- changing impact of our day-to-day interactions with our children; and to connect parents with local parenting education resources for the support needed to raise confident happy children - our next generation of adults.

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