Two Component Approach

It is now widely accepted that the healthy development of children is the bedrock required to build an improved future for everyone.   The bulk of the conversation to date, however, has centered around the supports children need outside the home.  Although improved policy and programs that support children and families are essential, it is parents, more than any other single factor, that influence the adults their children will become.  As a result, our two component approach has parents, and their relationships with their children, front and center. 

Increase Awareness of the Indispensable Role Parents Have in Creating the Adults of Tomorrow Through the Interactions They Have With Their Children Today. 

Helping to ensure our children develop into happy, confident adults able to and interested in contributing to the world around them doesn’t happen by accident.   It is time for us to move beyond the old adage “They sure don’t come with instructions.” Surely raising our children is worth the forethought and time we put into our work, retirement, or hobbies.

Support Parents in Helping Their Children Become Happy, Confident Adults

Able to Contribute to the World Around Them. 

As parents we need to think about – and be able to answer two questions: 

1.  Who do I want my child to be as an adult? 

2.   How do I help them develop those character traits?

Start by picking three character traits listed below that would be helpful for your child to develop now.  There are specific techniques and tools to help your child develop them all.  If you’re not aware of them – we can help.

P. R. I. C. E. L. E. S. S. 

P erspective

  • Gratitude

  • Perseverence

  • Spiritual

R esilience 

 I  ntegrity 

C ommunication 

E mpathy

L oving

  • Towards Self 

  • Towards Others 

E ngaged Learner 

S elf Control 

S elf-Awareness 



We’re not raising children.
 We are raising adults.  
The next generation of adults.

We Can All Learn How To Be

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