Screen Time:
Professional Recommendations and Actual Usage


Since 2015, Common Sense Media has conducted three nation-wide surveys to examine the screen time usage of over 1,300 8 to 18-year-olds. 

Daily Screen Time 

excluding academics



4:36 to 5:33

for Tweens



6:40 to 8:39

For Teens

Professional Recommendations

and Actual Usage
Recommendations and Usage Exclude Academics

Screentime Recommendations v. Actuals Chart (5).jpg

Professional research and literature indicate that, in addition to limiting usage, parental involvement in the child's screen time is crucial to the child's well-being.  Doing activities together, modeling healthy behaviors, and collaboratively setting screen time limits are essential. 

Want support? Access The American Academy of Pediatric's Family Media Plan Tool here:

Increases in unsupervised screen time in childhood are linked to decreases in brain development, academic engagement & success, IQ, mental health, self-esteem, physical fitness, diet quality, and sleep