Our Starting Point

Our Starting Point is dedicated to improving the lives of individual children and our collective futures, by encouraging all parents to participate in parenting education programs and connecting them with those resources. 

Right now, literally, interaction-by-interaction with our children, we are creating the adults of tomorrow, and for the most part, we’re winging it.

We’re using fly-by-the–seat-of–our-pants approaches that have been silently passed from one generation to the next – and accepted as the norm. Together we can shift that norm. Together we can all learn how to be more effective parents.

A Common Sense


To Strengthen Future Generations

One Happy Confident Child At A Time


Our Children Deserve It.

Their Futures Depend On It.

Our World Needs It.

Parent Effectively . Change Everything

Deborah J. Coppins, Founder, PCC 

Phone: 508-254-2293 |   Fax:   508-429-2214 

Our Starting Point

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